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Imagine you're on vacation and you need to board your pet somewhere.
Imagine if that somewhere actually already KNEW your pet. Imagine if that somewhere had all your pet's medical history.
Imagine if a concerning observation was made and your pet could be evaluated by a veterinarian... In the next room!

The safest place you could leave your pet for boarding is at a veterinary clinic. That is why you should choose Talega Animal Hospital for your pet’s next stay.

We know it's stressful to leave a pet behind, even for a night. But we know your pets, we examine every pet on intake for anything concerning, our kennel staff is loving and attentive throughout their stay, and if anything happens, a veterinarian is 10 steps away.

We are offering boarding services for you and your pet, whether it’s for a day, the night, or a long weekend. Our suites are designed for comfort and very spacious for any size pet. We have separate facilities for dogs & cats along with a wonderful staff to pamper them while you can’t be there to do so yourself.

Call us today at: (949) 481-8387 to learn more about our boarding services or stop in to take a tour!

As with our other elective & medical services, for your pet’s & our other patient’s safety, we require your pet to be fully vaccinated to stay in our hospital while these services are performed.