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The surgical team at Talega Animal Hospital is exceptionally talented. We take great pride in setting high standards in surgical care. We can perform routine to complex surgical procedures. Your pet's safety is extremely important to us. We will recommend the most prudent diagnostics prior to a surgical procedure to lessen the risk factors associated with anesthesia. Pet owners drive from miles around to have our team render medical care. If your pet needs surgical care, please make an appointment with our doctors to discuss your pet's options. Unless it’s an emergency surgery, for the protection of your pet & all our other patients, we require all our patients to be fully vaccinated in order to stay in our hospital for his or her surgery.

  • Neuter & Spaying
  • Ultrasound procedures
  • Advanced dental procedures
  • Mass or tumor removal
  • Bladder stones or urethral blockages
  • Malignant skin tumors
  • Skin abscess or lacerations
  • In-house and board-certified options

Mobile Board-Certified Surgeons
Our mobile surgeon is able to perform an assortment of orthopedic and soft tissue procedures in his state-of-the-art mobile surgery suite. He can even perform CT scans at our clinic, if one is needed for any reason. Common surgeries include TPLO's for torn cruciate ligaments, difficult to remove tumors, episioplasty for recessed vulvas, fracture repairs, and TECABO procedures. Looking for a surgeon for your pet? Schedule a consult with us and we'll be able to get you exactly what you need.

Looking for an Orange County veterinarian who has experience giving Stelfonta injections for mast cell tumors? Look no further! We have used the miracle injection to treat mast cell tumors with great success! Ask Dr. Snyder to show you pictures of her own pet, Pepper, who was our first case at the clinic. If your pet has been diagnosed with a mast cell tumor that fits the criteria, we'd be happy to explain the process and provide this service for you.