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Microchipping your pet is the absolute best way to help return your beloved pet to you if they become lost or separated from you. We implant a sterile, nonreactive microchip under the skin over the shoulder blades which can be read by a scanner which most animal hospitals & shelters use for identifying lost pets. We proudly use HomeAgain microchips. Once registered with HomeAgain, your pet’s identification & your contact information will be accessible to veterinarians & shelters worldwide. Please be sure to keep the company aware of any change in your address, phone number or other contact information. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about this wonderful product.

Please note, 15 digits are needed for international travel, as well as the microchip needs to be on the rabies certificates for Hawaii, as well as some countries outside of the US. If you plan to travel or move outside of the country, talk with one of our doctors to discuss requirements to ensure your pet is prepared.